Writing, reading and everything in between…


I’m Mandy Jameson, author of two novels and a keen reader to boot. My novels Landsliding and The Fortnight are hard to put into a particular genre but they’re all about relationships and the drama that goes on between people. In other words the kind of books I like to read myself!

My blog focuses on my journey from would-be writer to published author – the highs and lows, the times I wanted to give up and what kept me going.

I also talk about books in all their forms: those I’ve read, want to read and those I wish I’d written! 

Why Piffle Pages?

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Latest news: The Fortnight out in paperback 27/09

My new book The Fortnight is now available in paperback as well as on Kindle. Click here to read the plot summary or click here to buy.

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