The Name of The Game

As an author, choosing a name for your characters is a tricky business. Each one has to fit their individual appearance, personality and age whilst not reminding you of someone in your own life; otherwise, instead of picturing your fictional character, you’ll envision that particular friend/ enemy/ colleague/ old classmate from primary school. In myContinue reading “The Name of The Game”

Publishing the Fortnight – it’s just like childbirth…

There’s a weird sense of anti-climax when your book finally makes it out into the universe. In many ways it’s like having a baby – all those months of planning, secret excitement when you don’t want to tell people too much, your friends’ thrilled faces when they hear the news – and then the momentContinue reading “Publishing the Fortnight – it’s just like childbirth…”

Taste Testing – The Fortnight

I’ve reached an exciting stage with the development of my new novel – it’s the Bake Off equivalent of creating a new recipe, baking it and then giving it to the judges for taste testing! My 80,000 words are written, I’ve gone through the whole of The Fortnight and completed my editing to get itContinue reading “Taste Testing – The Fortnight”

Writing – how, where, when?

Recently someone asked me about my writing process, wondering whether I stick to a regular routine or write on an ad hoc basis; do I aim for a certain number of words per day or let it flow organically? It’s an interesting topic and I suspect every writer handles the issue differently according to theirContinue reading “Writing – how, where, when?”

Book bingeing #2 – fantasy, detectives and Nordic noir

Like most book addicts, I’m a sucker for a good series. There’s something entirely satisfying about seeing a set of covers on your shelf and waiting impatiently for the next title to be published. Getting to know a group of characters; recognising the location of the stories; that reassuring familiarity when you start the newContinue reading “Book bingeing #2 – fantasy, detectives and Nordic noir”

From Self-Publishing to Published Author!

Having self-published Landsliding on Kindle, I described in my last blog the frustration of not having a physical book to send people to review, photograph or to give away as a competition prize. I had no publisher to help spread the word about my novel – it was all down to me – and soContinue reading “From Self-Publishing to Published Author!”

A Leap of Faith: Self-Publication Online

At the end of my last blog I described how I’d decided to self-publish Landsliding on Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) platform – and then a whole new set of problems faced me. Obviously the whole manuscript would need to be edited and proofread – but how would I ever be certain when it wasContinue reading “A Leap of Faith: Self-Publication Online”