Taste Testing – The Fortnight

I’ve reached an exciting stage with the development of my new novel – it’s the Bake Off equivalent of creating a new recipe, baking it and then giving it to the judges for taste testing! My 80,000 words are written, I’ve gone through the whole of The Fortnight and completed my editing to get itContinue reading “Taste Testing – The Fortnight”

Book bingeing #2 – fantasy, detectives and Nordic noir

Like most book addicts, I’m a sucker for a good series. There’s something entirely satisfying about seeing a set of covers on your shelf and waiting impatiently for the next title to be published. Getting to know a group of characters; recognising the location of the stories; that reassuring familiarity when you start the newContinue reading “Book bingeing #2 – fantasy, detectives and Nordic noir”